Professional tile & grout cleaning

For Your Home or Business

Louisville home-owners and businesses trust The Carpet Chemist for their professional tile & grout cleaning needs, and you should too.

Why choose us? Like carpet cleaning, we understand the chemistry needed to transform dull tile & grout to shiny clean floors you’ll love again.

For instance, would you clean soap scum from your bathroom shower head the same way you clean greasy oily dishes in your kitchen? Of course not! The same concept is used for cleaning soap scum, hair spray, grease and the like on tile & grout floors.

Guaranteed Results

To achieve the best tile & grout cleaning results, it all starts with chemistry; but that’s just the beginning. The Carpet Chemist uses professional tile & grout cleaning equipment. We use professional rotary brushes, truck-mounted solution sprayers and powerful suction for the best cleaning possible.

What this means for you is instantly dry floors upon completion of the tile & grout cleaning. You can walk on them right away with zero downtime waiting on your floors to dry. Don’t forget, we highly recommend having your tile & grout sealed to protect your tile and extremely porous grout lines from staining. We recommend having your tile & grout professionally cleaned and sealed approximately every 12 to 18 months, depending on the amount of foot traffic in those areas.

Your Trusted Tile & Grout Cleaning Professionals

Invest in the most trusted carpet cleaning company to to care for your flooring. In addition to carpet cleaning, we also specialize in carpet repair, carpet dyeing, carpet stretching, rug cleaning and more!

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