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spot out

Spot Remover

Our famous Carpet Chemist Spot Out spot remover is your go-to spot cleaning solution for everyday spills and dirt. You can use Spot Out on your:

  • Carpets.  Carpet Chemist Spot Out is a freak of nature. It ‘s cleaning capabilities are powerful enough to remove grease and tar in your carpet, yet gentle enough a baby can crawl on the carpet after use.
  • Upholstery.  Check the tags underneath the cushions of your furniture before applying Caret Chemist Spot Out. If it reads Dry Clean Only, do not use it. Spot Out helps eliminate soils and oils from your hair and skin, and leaves your furniture feeling soft and clean.
  • Clothes. You can even use Carpet Chemist Spot Out on your clothes, blankets, pillows, curtains or other textiles that need spot cleaned.

Vet’s Trust

Pet Odor Eliminator

Our Vet’s Trust pet odor eliminator was created in our Chemist Lab with pet stains and odors specifically in mind. That’s right. The ONLY thing our Vet’s Trust does is eat and digest odor causing bacteria in urine salts. Sounds gross, I know, but there’s a scientific method to the MADness! You see, the difference between enzymes versus non-enzymatic properties is one simply “covers up” odors and the other eliminates the odor by molecularly modifying the odor causing agent at the source. Essentially it’s the same way Pac-Man eats and digests those pesky ghosts! Kind of.

Top 3 pet stain removal tricks that DON’T work:

If you’re like most people, you’re not a Carpet Chemist, and you likely have an array of pet clean up supplies under your kitchen sink, just n case your dog or cat poops, pees or vomits on the carpet. We compiled a list of the top 3 spot remover tricks used to to clean up pet stains in carpet, and why you should stop using them immediately:

  • Resolve.  When you spray Resolve carpet cleaner on your carpet, you’ll notice that it foams up drastically. This is because Resolve is primarily a soap-based product, which is extremely bad for your carpets. Soap is a high pH surfactant that leaves behind sticky residues. The sticky residues then attract more dirt that comes off your shoes, pets, and even dust in the air. The alkalinity (high pH level) can also very easily strip the carpet fibers of the color in the dye sites, if not properly neutralized and flushed thoroughly with an acid rinse.
  • OxiClean.  Oxidizing agents such as OxiClean do not leave behind soapy residues like over the counter soap-based products, because they are oxygen-chlorine based. Essentially they act in the same way as peroxide and bleach. The sole purpose of OxiClean is to remove color. As one of the top carpet dyeing companies on the planet, we encounter color loss issues from OxiClean in carpet on a daily basis.
  • Bleach. Yep. I said it. We talk to people every day that use bleach to get rid of pet odors and stains in carpet. They may use Lysol wipes with bleach or other cleaning products that contain bleach. One lady even told us her carpet sales guy suggested she could spot clean new carpet with bleach and it would be fine, because it had a stain guard. Just a warning: Bleach does NOT belong in carpet. Period.

    Carpet Chemist Vet’s Trust obliterates pet odors forever and leaves behind a clean pleasant scent, and our Carpet Chemist Spot Out spot remover works on virtually everything!