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We all love our pets but sometimes they get scared or bored, and even mischievous, which can wreak havoc on our carpets. The most common phone call we receive at The Carpet Chemist is when a customer calls to tell us about their dog or cat that was accidentally locked inside the bedroom with the door closed, and the pet tried digging their way out. Perhaps company came over to visit for a bit, and their puppy couldn’t go outside because it was raining, so the only option was the bedroom. Or maybe they accidentally got locked in the bedroom when their parents went to work and closed the door behind them. Whatever the situation, whatever the reason, we can help! It’s what we do.

How it works

All we need is a leftover carpet remnant to use as the donor piece to repair the pet damaged carpet, or a closet with the same kind of carpet as the damaged area. Next, we will begin to prep the pet damaged carpet area by removing loose or excess carpet fibers and begin an extremely tedious “carpet surgery procedure” on your pet damaged carpet. Once the carpet repair is fitted, bonded and secure, you can pull on it, tug on it, and dance all over it. All of our Carpet Patches are permanent and come with an unlimited unconditional lifetime labor guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry about the carpet repair coming undone (in fact, if you’d like, The Carpet Chemist can begin steam cleaning right away). Our pet damaged carpet repairs are backed by a 100% Unlimited Unconditional Lifetime Labor Guarantee. Other repair services we perform to restore your carpeting include:

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