Save Money With Carpet Repair

Find the Right Fix in Our Carpet Patching Service

Compared to the cost of replacement, we can help you save 60 to 75 percent with our reliable carpet repair. We’re MAD about saving carpets and helping our clients save money! See our helpful Pricing Guide.

Repair Solutions for Common Carpet Damage

The Carpet Chemist’s scientific approach to cleaning and repair is based on our thorough knowledge of carpet and rug composition, construction and installation techniques. Our carpet repair technicians have undergone extensive carpet repair training and are certified in proper carpet repair procedures per the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) industry standard.

Our training covers all types of carpet styles from cut pile to Berber. This ensures our technicians can tackle any type of repair job at any time! Some common carpet repair requests include:

  • Berber carpet snags
  • Iron burns
  • Hookah burns
  • Pet-damaged carpet
  • Paint spills
  • Bleach spills

There is nothing you can do to your carpet that we cannot fix. Schedule online to take the first step with your carpet repair.

See why we are the #1 CARPET REPAIR experts in the world!

We Cover Every Type of Carpet Repair, Including:

  • Carpet patching services
    This is necessary when holes, burns, pet damage and untreatable stains ruin sections of your carpet. The damaged section is removed and a donor piece (a remnant or carpeting taken from a closet) is secured in its place. We’ve been patching carpet holes for decades and will get your carpet looking good as new.

  • Seam repair
    A latex adhesive is applied to reseal seams to restore a smooth, uninterrupted appearance.

  • Carpet stretching
    Power-stretching tools pull the carpet taut. Then it is trimmed and secured in place with tack strips. Damaged tack strips also are replaced during the carpet stretching process.

  • Berber carpet repair
    In small damaged areas, unraveled loops are woven back into position. Larger repairs require carpet patching services.

  • Transition replacement
    Damaged transitions between the carpet and other types of flooring are replaced and the carpet edges are secured.

  • Bleach spot repair
    Lighter spots are color-matched and precision-dyed to blend with the carpet.

  • Stain removal
    We have a solution for any type of stain. When a stain is permanent, the damaged area is cut out and a donor patch is seamlessly installed.

  • Water damage repair
    We use high-powered extraction equipment and fans to remove moisture. From there, the carpet is stretched and the seams are rebonded to restore your carpet to its original condition.

  • Pet stain and odor elimination
    Child and pet-friendly cleaning agents are used to neutralize odors and remove stains.

  • Carpet dyeing
    Carpet dyeing is a cost-effective way to solve the problems of carpet or rug fading and discoloration. Here at The Carpet Chemist, we use propriety technology to achieve superior results.

Are You a Renter? We’ll Help You Get Your Deposit Back

Apartment renters call The Carpet Chemist for our carpet repair service. Whether their pet dug a hole in the carpet or urinated in the corner, they’re worried they won’t get their deposit back. We’re here to help you with that!

If you don’t have an extra carpet remnant, we carry common colors right in our vehicles. Since carpet rolls are made in dye lots, no two rolls of carpet will ever be the exact same color. They might be close, but never the same.

To achieve the best results, we will cut out a section of carpet from a closet. We do this because the carpet in your closet will be from the exact same roll of carpet as the rest of the apartment. We’ll find the most inconspicuous place—such as the corner of your closet—and cut out a section large enough to perform the repair.

Once the carpet repair is complete, we will use one of our non-matching pieces to fill in the corner of the closet. From there, the carpet is ready for a deep steam cleaning, which we can do right then and there. Your carpet repair will be permanent and won’t be damaged by carpet steam cleaning. Book Online.

Attention: Real Estate Agents and Property Management Companies

Real estate agents and property management companies love The Carpet Chemist because we get carpets repaired, stretched, cleaned and smelling great, without the hassle and expense of purchasing brand new carpet.

Whether you’re selling or buying a new home, we understand that a huge part of your job is keeping costs down. That’s why we’ve mastered the science of carpet repair to offer an affordable high-quality service.

If the carpet smells like dog, we will neutralize the odor  with our deodorizing formula as an upgrade to our carpet cleaning and rug cleaning service. Pet urine in the carpet? We remove odor-causing bacteria with our proprietary Carpet Chemist odor destroying solution! Carpet waves and ripples? The Carpet Chemist will remove those ugly carpet buckles forever! No matter what problem you face, we’re here to make your job easier with our full-circle carpet repair and cleaning services.  Save time and money with our Pricing and Online Booking tool.

Cost-Effective, Pet-Damaged Carpet Repair

pet damaged carpet repair Louisville

The most common phone call we receive at The Carpet Chemist pertains to our furry friends. Customers tell us about their dog or cat that was inside a room with the door closed and then tried digging their way out. Perhaps company came over to visit for a bit and the puppy had to go in the bedroom. Or maybe the pooch wandered into the bedroom while you were at work and accidentally closed the door behind it. Whatever the situation, whatever the reason, we can take care of your carpet! It’s what we do best at The Carpet Chemist.

  • How It Works
    All we need is either: A) A leftover carpet remnant to use as the donor piece, or B) A closet with the same kind of carpet as the damaged area. Next, we will begin to prep the area by removing loose or excess carpet fibers and begin a thorough “carpet surgery procedure” on your pet-damaged carpet. Once the carpet repair is fitted, bonded and secure, you can pull on it, tug on it and dance all over it. All of our carpet patches are permanent and come with a lifetime labor guarantee so you never have to worry about the repair becoming undone. If you’d like, we will steam clean the carpet right after patching it). We also perform a number of other carpet services, including:

    • Padding & tack strip replacement
    • Seam repair & re-bonding
    • Carpet stretching
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Transition replacement
    • Carpet dyeing

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