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Can Carpet & Rugs Be Dyed?


    Yes! Carpet dyeing and bleach spot repair are signature specialties at The Carpet Chemist. Our exclusive carpet dye system takes the guesswork out of creating a brilliant color match.

Bleach Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO This to Fix Bleach Spots on Carpet
    To understand how to fix bleach spots on carpet, you need to know exactly what bleach is. Bleach is an active chemical called sodium hypochlorite that is used to remove color from materials or to sanitize them. Since bleach is an active chemical, we must first neutralize the bleach before restoring the color to your carpet or Oriental rug. Only highly trained professional and certified carpet dye experts should attempt this. Once the bleach has been neutralized, we will create a custom color dye formula to intricately add back color to the carpet fibers. With each bleach spot repair, we offer a 100 percent lifetime labor guarantee. We guarantee that our dyes will never bleed or fade and that they are immediately colorfast and permanent for the life of the carpet. Our dyes are safe, odorless and eco-friendly and will not harm your children or your pets.
  • DON’T Do This If You Spill Bleach
    If you have a bleach spill on your carpet or Oriental rug, PLEASE do not do anything to it. Water will not neutralize the bleach, nor will vinegar, dish soap or any other chemicals under your kitchen sink. Adding one or more of these things, with the exception of water, will only exacerbate the problem. As a result, it will require more time, effort and cost to restore the color in your carpet. Why try to do it yourself when our carpet dyeing company has the tools and training to do it right? We’ll even give you a free quote for bleach spot carpet dyeing. Simply upload a picture of the bleach spots online to receive a free quote from our carpet specialists.

Advantages of Carpet Dyeing

Quality carpet that is regularly vacuumed and cleaned will last for years. But styles and trends will change during this time, as will your taste in furnishings and décor.

Until the development of the Color Cue dyeing system, there was no easy and inexpensive way to change your carpet. The only choice was to pull up the old carpet and replace it with new carpet, pad and tack strips. Each year, redecorating generates millions of square yards of unnecessary landfill waste. Carpet dyeing and coloring by The Carpet Chemist provides an alternative that is faster, less expensive and better for the environment. Other advantages of our dyeing processes include:

  • Colorfast dyes that are odorless, permanent and completely safe for kids and pets.
  • Color matching to restore discolored areas or to coordinate with a new design.
  • Updated or restored look that takes only a few hours and generates no waste.
  • Savings of 60 to 75 percent over carpet replacement.

Our Carpet Dyeing Process

In theory, carpet dyeing sounds like something you could tackle yourself. All you need to do is grab some dye and one of those fancy needle tools, right? If only it were that easy!

Most people instinctively grab whatever they can find underneath the kitchen sink or laundry room and start pouring heaps of random cleaning chemicals all over the bleach spills, hoping they will magically disappear. In reality, there are several steps that need to be taken before dyeing can even begin. Here’s what we do:

  1. Determine the carpet fiber type. Since not all carpet types can be dyed, fiber identification is always the first step.
  2. Test the pH levels of the spot(s). As stated previously, most people pour heaps of cleaning products onto bleach spills hoping for a miracle. The dye sites must be free of any chemicals or other residues before anything else can take place. That’s why we test the pH levels to ensure the conditions are right for effective carpet dyeing.
  3. Neutralize the bleach. Bleach is still active until it’s neutralized. Fresh bleach is extremely difficult to neutralize, so it’s best to wait at least a week after the spill has occurred to begin color repair. If you don’t have a week, that’s OK. It can still be done. It’s just much more time-consuming.
  4. Extract. The bleach neutralizer must be extracted before any dyeing takes place.
  5. Create a custom dye formula. In order to know how to create your custom dye formula, you’ll need to have a pretty good understanding of color theory and color loss. This isn’t something that the average homeowner knows. But we’re geeks for this stuff at The Carpet Chemist.
  6. Dye affected areas only. Forget what you’ve seen on the Internet about crayons, pastels, coffee grounds or anything of the like to try and create your own carpet paint. These materials are not feasible for dyeing and these makeshift carpet paints can actually do more harm than good. We treat only the affected areas to deliver a cost-effective, problem-focused approach. And we only use the best dyes available in the industry, guaranteed!

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Restoring bleach spills on carpet

Commercial Carpet Care Solutions

Maintaining clean and attractive carpeting in office buildings, apartments and rental homes presents unique challenges that often lead to costly renovations. With The Carpet Chemist at your service, you can rest at ease!

The Carpet Chemist offers innovative solutions to protect and restore the carpeting in your commercial properties without breaking the bank. Call our certified carpet professionals at 800-515-1342 to schedule a consultation or reach us online. Our clients save on average 60 to 75 percent by using our carpet dyeing service as opposed to carpet replacement. Don’t replace your bleached carpet when there’s no need. We’ll dye it to a perfect color match and save you heaps of money.

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