Our fiber protection formula

Protect your investment.

    • The Carpet Chemist highly encourages everyone who sends us their valuable rugs to upgrade their cleaning service by having us apply our Rug Fiber Protection treatment after the cleaning is finished. Our unique rug fiber protection formula protects your textiles from everyday soils, oils and spills. It will also deter pesky moths, carpet beetles, spiders, and Japanese stink bugs from making your rug their new home.


Keep your rug looking new

Shield your rug from spills.

The Carpet Chemist developed the most environmentally safe textile protector that has ever hit the market. We use it specifically on rugs and carpet, but our customers love it so much that per their request, we have applied it to their curtains, dining room chairs, living room upholstery, mattresses, and even boots and clothes. In the event of a spill, you will actually notice the liquid pool up on the tips of the rug fibers without being absorbed by the rug one single bit. It’s something you just have to see in person.

Peace of mind

Worry free guarantee.

We are so confident in our Rug Fiber Protection program that if you have a stain on your rug within 1 year of having the rug fiber protection applied, we will remove the stain for free. It’s our guarantee to you. So trust your heirloom rugs to The Carpet Chemist and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with world class workmanship and top-quality products.

Extend the life of your textiles

Getting more life out of your rugs.

When your rugs are treated with our Rug Fiber Protection formula, it forms an invisible shield around the rug fibers as it dries. That means microscopic sand will not scratch the rug fibers as you walk over them. Spills will not become sticky messes that attract dirt. It means that your rugs will look as good a year later as they did when you had them cleaned and protected. Every single carpet and rug cleaner and protector that The Carpet Chemist formulates is safe for the environment, people and pets.

The Carpet Chemist says: Protect your heirloom rugs with our Rug Fiber Protection formula. It’s like having insurance for your rug, with a worry-free guarantee!