Preparing for your big carpet stretching day

What you should do before we arrive

You’ve put it off for too long, but you finally scheduled your appointment with The Carpet Chemist to re-stretch your carpet! So what should you do when preparing for your carpet stretching appointment? Don’t worry, we’ll go over everything over the phone with you. But just in case you forget, we made a short and sweet list for you right here: carpet stretching

Getting ready for the big day

The Carpet Chemist carpet stretching service requires the use of a carpet stretching tool called a power stretcher. A carpet power stretcher is adjustable and extends the entire length of the room. But before we can set up the power stretcher, we need to detach the carpet from the tack strips all the way around the room. This is why all of the furniture must be cleared out of the room prior to our arrival. We also ask that you vacuum the carpet where we will be re-stretching the carpet for you.

Please do these 3 things to ensure your carpet stretching job can be done properly and in a timely manner:

  • Remove furniture. Furniture must be cleared out of each room we are re-stretching prior to our arrival. We can not wait for you to move it while we are there.
  • Vacuum. Please be sure to vacuum once the room has been emptied, so that we can safely crawl around on our hands and knees and use our carpet stretching tools.
  • Secure pets and children. We know how hard it is to keep an eye on small children and pets, but we use sharp tools and equipment and are hyper-focused on your carpet and getting it stretched properly. Kids and pets are curious, but we don’t want them getting hurt.

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