How to stretch carpet properly

Doing it right the first time

A sad fact in the carpet industry is about 75% of carpet installers either A.) don’t understand how to stretch carpet properly or B.) they know, but it’s too time consuming and they just don’t care. That’s why I put together this video for you. The big giant tool in the video is called a carpet power stretcher. If your carpet installer just used a knee kicker, and not a power stretcher, chances are you may end up calling The Carpet Chemist when it ripples up, because we know how to stretch carpet the correct way, guaranteed! In fact, we offer an unlimited unconditional lifetime labor guarantee on all of our carpet re-stretching work. Let’s take a look at the video now:

Carpet Fastening

If you’ve experienced a water damage emergency, your insurance company probably recommended a disaster company come out to your home to suck up the water from your carpet and maybe tear out some padding and cut a bunch of seams on the doorways. They left some drying equipment and came back a few days later to pick it up, and that’s it! Seriously? What are you supposed to do now? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. reattach carpet to tack strip

What’s next?

Your carpet padding has been torn out, you’ve got carpet that’s been sliced, diced and is loose and wrinkly and you’re just ready to get it all put back to normal. The Carpet Chemist understands your time is important. We can install your brand new padding, reattach carpet to tack strips, seam any tears or rips that may have been made during the drying process, re-stretch the carpet, and clean and sanitize it in a few hours, not days. Sometimes padding doesn’t need to be pulled and you just need us to reattach carpet to tack strips. No problem!

Our lifetime labor guarantee

Once we reattach carpet to tack strip, clean and sanitize your carpet and anything else involving post water damage restoration, you have our unconditional lifetime labor guarantee on both seam repairs and stretching. If we install tack strips or new threshold pieces, you have our lifetime labor guarantee on that as well. We’re MAD about carpets!

The Carpet Chemist will re-stretch and reattach carpet to tack strips in hours, not days. Guaranteed results.

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