Safety is our priority

Dry in 1 hour or less

The Carpet Chemist has solutions for everything when it comes to spotlessly cleaning your carpets. And that includes our Dry Carpet Cleaning service. This is the most preferred carpet cleaning method in senior living homes.

We treat you like family

Understanding that people may have physical disabilities, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers during the entire cleaning process.

Senior living home carpet cleaning

When serving our senior living clients, we highly recommend our Dry Carpet Cleaning method, which is almost completely dry to the touch by the time we pack up our equipment and leave.

Most residential customers prefer steam cleaning, our most popular carpet cleaning method, but takes just a bit longer to dry.

Dry carpet cleaning from The Carpet Chemist is just as effective at removing soils and oils from carpet as our steam cleaning method.

We’ve spent years developing the most gentle cleaning agents for specialty stain removal such as coffee spills, blood, iodine or other common stains found in senior living homes.

Your time is valuable

You are our most important client

We never ever ever rush our clients. Especially our elderly ones. In fact, we’ve been known to be a tad bit late to the next job because Mrs. Wilson insisted we sit with her and have a cookie and a glass of milk after a thorough dry carpet cleaning of her apartment. If she wants to tell us stories about her and her husband and grandchildren, by golly we gleefully sit and listen to her. We will treat your mother or grandmother as if she were our own. With the utmost respect and dignity.

Get a free quote or schedule your appointment in less than 15 minutes

The Carpet Chemist says: We take every precaution to ensure the safety of our customers during the entire cleaning process. We treat you like our beloved family.

To schedule an on-site estimate, speak to our reputable experts or inquire about Carpet Chemist’s total carpet care programs, call 800-515-1342. For your convenience, you can also request a carpet consultation online. Your email is safe with us. We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your information with third parties!

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