Five Ways to Fall in Love With Your Carpet Again

The Feelings Are Still There. All It Takes is a Little Rekindling Restoring

The day you met, it was love at first sight. It was comfy, vibrant, plush—everything you could ever want in a carpet. And it stayed this way for quite a while. But, with time, things started to go south. The color began to fade and that once-perfect look became tainted with stains. Then one day, you woke up and realized you couldn’t look at that carpet for a second longer. So you decided to cut ties once and for all.

But what if this was rash? What if, with a little mending, your carpet could’ve been restored to last many more years? Nine times out of 10, it can!

Decades of experience have taught us that people are usually quick to give up on their carpets. This is because the full extent of carpet cleaning services is often misunderstood. While cleaning is a big part of our work, things like carpet dyeing and carpet patching get swept under the rug. (See what we did there?) But these solutions can truly save a carpet and the love you once had for it. So before you call it quits, consider salvaging your carpet and saving thousands of dollars on new carpeting.

A Little Care and Commitment Is All It Takes

Since day one, we’ve helped homeowners save carpets they thought were beyond repair. The reality is many other carpet cleaning companies provide surface-level solutions that don’t truly restore the look and feel of the carpet. We’re different because we treat carpet restoration as a science that gets to the root of every problem. Here are just some ways we can make you fall in love with your carpet all over again:

  • Get through the rough patches with carpet patching. Pets, cigarette burns and more can all spell bad news for the carpet. The good news is that it can often be fixed with carpet patching. We remove damaged sections and replace them with donor pieces to make it look like the problem never occurred.
  • Bring back the color through carpet dyeing. What was once vibrant and lively has become dull over time. But just because the color has faded, this doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. You would be absolutely amazed at how carpet dyeing can bring back that color and make the carpet look new again. (Don’t believe us? Check out this video to see carpet dyeing in action!)
  • Work out the kinks with carpet stretching. No matter how clean it is, a wrinkly carpet looks awful. Luckily, all it takes is a little stretching to get things back in shape. Stretching eliminates tripping hazards and unsightly wrinkles. Plus, it’s far more cost-effective than replacing the carpet. If you want to truly maximize your return on investment, we’ll help you stay in it for the long stretch.
  • End the waterworks with water damage restoration. Nothing can bring on the tears like indoor flooding. For many, the first instinct is to quickly remove and throw out the carpeting. While it’s true the carpet may need to be replaced in certain situations, there are times it can be fully salvaged. If only a portion of the carpet is damaged or we determine the damage is reversible, we can help you extract the water, treat the carpeting to prevent mold growth, dry it and clean it. If you aren’t sure whether the carpet can be saved, we’ll be happy to provide a free, on-site estimate.  
  • Erase the imperfections with carpet stain removal. We use industry-leading, eco-friendly products that delve deep into the carpet fibers to ensure true and thorough stain removal. Whether the culprit was red wine, chocolate, coffee or even bleach, we’ve seen it all and removed it all. Rest assured, we’re not talking about a “fix” that removes the stain but leaves you with lightened carpeting that’s just as obvious and unsightly as the original problem. Instead, we rely on science to reliably remove the stain completely.

Trust Our Professionals to Treat Your Carpet (And Your Wallet)

Compared to the cost of replacement, our carpet repair services can help you save 60 to 75 percent more money. So you tell us: Are you ready to throw in the towel, or would you like to see if your carpet can look as beautiful and flawless as the day you bought it? We’ll be happy to let you know during a free, on-site estimate with our carpet repair professionals.

To take the first step in repairing your carpet relationship, request your free quote online or call The Carpet Chemist at 800.515.1342 today.

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