Carpet Stain and Spot Removers: What Works and What Doesn’t

When you have a food or drink spill on your home carpet what is your current go-to spot remover? Why is it your current go-to spot remover?

We were hired by the world’s largest carpet manufacturing company to go take care of a spill on nearly new carpet today, at a residential home. The carpet was in excellent condition and was still under warranty (most brand-new carpet does have a warranty, so check with your distributor or manufacturer for details). The spill appeared to have occurred on a coffee table and the liquid appeared to have run down the leg of the table onto the carpeting, causing a pink stain.

I like to gather as much info as possible from my customers, to get the whole back-story. This helps me understand what the spill was and what chemicals they used to try and clean it up, so I can determine the most effective process to remove not only the stain, but also the cleaning chemical residues that were left over in the carpet fibers.

I was informed by the home-owner that I was the 4 th person to come attempt to remove the stain, and that she wasn’t very hopeful at this point. She initially tried using one of those home carpet cleaning machines when the spill first occurred, and it had little to no effect. So, her next step was to call her regular carpet cleaning guy. He must have really poured an arsenal of chemicals on this pink drink spill, because as I got down on my knees and closely inspected the carpet fibers, they felt crunchy to the touch, but I also noticed that the chemicals had taken the dye color out of the carpet fibers. The 4 inches by 4 inches section was also extremely frayed and worn looking. She further explained that after her regular carpet cleaning company gave it their best shot, but with no improvement in results, she reached out to the company that sold her the carpet and they have her a tiny 2oz. bottle of mostly water and told her to try that.

My point in telling you all of this is to educate you on the importance of understanding chemistry and how to use it on carpet spills and stains. As you can tell, this small 4 inches by 4 inches pink drink spill turned into a crunchy, bleached-out, frayed mess with STILL no solution to this problem. By the way, after gathering the intel that I needed to make my professional assessment, I was able to remove the pink drink stain after flushing out all the excess chemicals that everyone else had dried dumping on the area. I used a heat activated red stain removing solution that took about 2 minutes to complete.

For this reason alone, The Carpet Chemist has spent countless hours in the lab creating home cleaning solutions especially for YOU! Our Carpet Chemist Spot Out spill and stain remover works on everyday spills and can be used on most carpet and upholstery. You can even use it on your clothes! We’ve also formulated the BEST pet urine odor and stain remover on the planet! It was designed specifically to eat and digest pet urine and leaves a very pleasant scent. In fact, many vets order it by the case, so for that reason we named it Vet’s Trust! You can order both our Carpet Chemist Spot Out general spot remover and Vet’s Trust pet odor eliminator in huge 16 ounce bottles by calling The Carpet Chemist 800-515-1342 or by filling out one of the easy to use Contact forms on the website.

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