Air Duct Cleaning

Clean. Natural. Effective

When is the last time you treated your home to a professional air duct cleaning? Your HVAC system collects pounds of dry soil particulates every year. That’s right. Pounds! There is a direct correlation between allergies and homes where the air ducts have never been cleaned. The truth is, you may be able to stop taking those allergy shots, just by having your air ducts cleaned.

New construction or remodeling your home can stir up lots of dry wall dust, and guess where it goes. That’s right. Directly into your home’s “respiratory system.” Also, sometimes the people in charge of cleaning up the mess from the remodeling crew sometime use your floor vents as a garbage can. Yuck!

Ever notice those dark filtration lines on your carpet? You know, those dark lines around the edge of the wall where the carpet and baseboards meet? That’s caused by dust from the duct system. Every time the air kicks on, traces of dry soil float through the air and follow the air path in your home. The carpet acts as a large filter and traps the particulates.

Does your home have a musty odor? There may be clumps of dust and debris in your air duct system. We highly recommend adding our sanitizing service to your order. But don’t worry. We do not fumigate your home and you don’t have to leave. The sanitizer is misted precisely through the ducts and coat only the duct walls, so your clothes, pets, children and food are all safe.

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